Umbrellock Folding Automatic Strong Windproof Umbrella with Waterproof Case

Finally, thanks to the unique waterproof case (which comes with the umbrella) - you have a solution where to put the wet umbrella.

Now, you just put the umbrella in the case whether you're at the Office, Driving your car, at Home, or in a Public Places (Subway, Caffe, College, Mall etc.).


To be honest, we prefer to invest more money in our product and not compromise on quality, so 
that our customers will get the best high quality Umbrella and more.

√  High Quality Automatic Umbrella

√  Windproof Umbrella                

√  Volatile Fabric

√  Repels Stains & Dirts Fabric

√  Unique Waterproof Case

√ Optimal Weight and Measures

√  2 Kinds of Colors: Purple & Grey
√  Suitable for Everyone

√  Easy to Use               

√  Hook Included - Also for Small Bag
Satisfaction Guaranteed (Warranty) 

🌂 FOR UNPREDICTABLE OUTDOOR WEATHER - Protect yourself from sudden rains or the scorching hot sun. Equipped with our durable, foldable umbrella, you are always prepared anywhere outdoors.

🌂 QUALITY BUILD - Our automatic umbrella a strong and comfortable handle that’s convenient to hold, fiberglass shaft and ribs, and a water sealing hard case. The pongee fabric repels drops, dries fast and prevents stains and dirt.

🌂 WINDPROOF & DURABLE - Our unisex purple umbrella is weather resistant, with superior performance against heavy rain. It also withstands powerful gusts without turning inside out.

🌂 COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - Our 3-folding umbrella can be taken inside homes, your office, and cars even when wet thanks to a hard-sealing case. A hook lets it attach to small bags or backpack.

🌂 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We provide our customers with only the highest quality umbrellas and best customer experience possible. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, contact us. Click Add to Card now, risk free!

Is your foldable umbrella drenching your bag?

You do a lot of walking every day, which is why it’s important for you to always have an umbrella at hand. You recently purchased a foldable umbrella for it to fit easily in your bag, but after a rain shower, you have nowhere to put it.

Shaking your umbrella off doesn’t help, because it still drenches your bag. So, you end up holding the umbrella instead, making it difficult to do other tasks while walking. What you need is an umbrella that you can place in your bag even when wet.

With UMBRELLOCK’s Umbrella, you get a water sealing hard case that prevents your bag from getting wet!

Unlike other foldable umbrellas that need cylindrical plastic bags, ours already come with a water sealing hard case, making it more convenient to place your umbrellas in your bag, compartment or even on your car seat.

Our umbrella is ideal for prolonged use. A sturdy frame buffs it against strong winds. The pongee fabric lets drops slide, keeping the umbrella from getting soaked. Its automatic button is easy to operate so you can launch it with one hand.

This unisex umbrella is reliable and durable—perfect for bringing to places with unpredictable weather conditions. It protects you from rain, winds, and the harmful effects of the sun, preventing sunburns.

Here are more reasons to love this foldable umbrella:
✅ Fun design that comes in purple and grey
✅ Stylish and fashionable
✅ Makes a thoughtful gift to friends, family and colleagues
✅ Durable and waterproof
✅ Comes with a waterproof case, making for easier storage
✅ Automatic, easy open and close
✅ Has a convenient, strong, and comfortable handle
✅ Easily transportable from place to place
✅ Comes with a warranty

The days of soaking wet umbrellas are over!

Click on "Buy Now" button and enjoy UMBRELLOCK! 

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